Thursday, December 24, 2009

We interrupt this broadcast for this important Holiday Message!!!

So here we are. It’s Christmas Eve and I’m sure everyone is shambling about like those adorable zombies in Day of The Dead at the mall. Ah, ‘tis the season. But anyway, after my semi-depressing blog post last week, I’ve decided to add a new post. Want to hear it? Here it go…

There is something about Christmas Eve that despite me performing my best George C. Scott, Scrooge impersonation, does warm my heart and fills me with so many fond memories. I have alluded to them on the great black blog prior. But it was those memories and some very specific Christmas tunes that tickled my cockles and gave me a warm fuzzy this morning. (Easy, it’s a family holiday!!)

I hope you all gather with those you love and hold dear to celebrate tonight. I also hope the laughter and kinship flows freely and plentiful. Life is too short and we need to embrace and cherish these moments while we have them.

To all of my family, both local and far, offline and on…I wish you the Merriest of Christmas’s and the Happiest of Holidays!!! Hugs the ones you love my friends again, while you have them

All the best to you and yours and thank you for the support!!!


Thomas A. Erb

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