Thursday, May 29, 2014

Writing Update!


Howdy folks! It's almost the end of May and my July 1st deadline Heaven, Hell or Houston is looming over my head and I'm almost there!

This will be my first book of 5 with the great folks over at PERMUTED PRESS. I am very excited to be working with them and I know that together, we will bring you on heck of a zombie tale, sure to please all you, shambling, flesh-hungry readers out there.

Here is my mock-up of the cover. It has nothing to do with Permuted or the final product. This was all just for fun.

It's been a fun experience and HOUSTON has been a true blast to write. It's my subtle ode to some of my heroes like, Joe. R. Lansdale, Elmore Leonard, Joe McKinney and Jonathan Maberry. I did my damnedest to do those fellas proud. 

To give you all a head's up, this book is part of my ETERNAL FLAME trilogy. While it's a stand-alone story, it takes place the same day, year as the trilogy and has several ties to the other books to be published in the future.

So, with HOUSTON almost a wrap, I've been working on the collection of vignettes. PRELUDE to the Apocalypse, that will come out between HOUSTON and the first book in the ETERNAL FLAME trilogy, The LAST in LINE.
It will give you a deep insight into the Sanctity Virus, the evil force behind it and the colorful main players in the trilogy.

There are many things going on here at Hell's 1/2 Acre, keeping me very busy. But, that's a good thing...idle hands and all.

So, that's where things stand at the moment. If you haven't signed up for my newsletter yet, please do so, it's on the home page to the RIGHT  Stay up to date on All things Erb and you never know what kind of fun and groovy giveaways I'll be throwing out there.

I shall post another update in June and this will be me, rockin' the keys.

Be safe my friends and enjoy the start of summer!


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