WHISKEY BENT AND HELL BOUND- An Eternal Flame Tale- Book Two


Beginning where Heaven, Hell or Houston left off, Texas Ranger, Jay McCutcheon is reeling after the horrific slaughter of his wife and near death of his baby girl.

With the help of Stacy Jo, a street-tough New York runaway, they need to fight their way out of East Texas and outrun the red-eyed zombie hordes that follow them at every step.

All of the wailing undead crying out for the Children of Light and promise their mysterious master its return to rule and bring hell on earth.

Can the violent, drunken Ranger, his child and tough as nails teenager survive the walking dead long enough to find the answers to the questions;

Who are the Children of Light? Why do their soulful groans follow them?

And who is this master and how can they stop its arrival?

Don’t miss the stunning, fast-paced sequel to Heaven, Hell, or Houston, an Eternal Flame tale, book two.

Coming from:  in late 2017 or early 2018.



Read the first three chapters here: (coming soon!)