Welcome to my independent publishing house. Have a sit and grab a drink. I have all sorts of fun and exciting tales to share.

What is Drunken Skald Press?

DSP is my very own, independent publishing house.  While I will be working with traditional publishers, there are certain projects that I feel will work better if I publish them myself. (with the help of many talented editors, artists.)

Why did I form DSP?

It truly was a matter of necessity. After working with  small presses and learning how the publishing business works, (at least my level of experience in it.) I decided that I had the necessary skills, interest, and commitment to take the hybrid publishing route.

What is a hybrid author, you ask?

“The hybrid author is someone who has book deals with traditional presses, but also self-publishes, or publishes in some other nontraditional way”

I know that “self-publishing” used to have a bad reputation, and for the most part, there was a good reason. Bad, or no editing, horrible book cover art, that my year-old granddaughter could have done a better job on.  But things have changed by leaps and bounds.

I will be working with top-notch professional editors and book designers. And while I will from time-to-time create my own covers, I will be mostly working with some kick-butt artists, such as Jim Kavanaugh. You can check out his incredibly stylish artwork here.

Here’s an example of Jim’s killer artwork:

The first novel DSP will be releasing is The Last In Line- the Eternal Flame Trilogy Book One.

I will be publishing the entire trilogy through DSP and will share more information as the publication dates draw closer.

So, DSP will be bringing you action-packed, exciting, page-turning tales. Stay tuned and don’t forget to sign up to stay informed for all upcoming news and releases.

The next books coming from DSP will be the WHISKEY BENT and HELL Bound- the sequel to HEAVEN, HELL, or HOUSTON.


What can DSP do for You?


Here are some other DSP books for you to check out: