THE LAST IN LINE- the Eternal Flame Trilogy Book One

by Thom Erb


 COMING MAY 31st from Drunken Skald Press!

Sometimes the end is just the beginning…

The year is 1985  and all seventeen-year-old, gamer- geek and reclusive artist, Warren Brennan wants to do is graduate from high school and draw comics for Marvel Comics.

But the best-laid plans of chubby nerds and humanity often go to hell. When a zombie apocalypse strikes the world.

An ancient shadow cult has been buying their time and planning for the exact moment to release the Sanctity Virus and begin their coup to overthrow the powers of this world.

An odd, powerful yellow-tinted rainstorm has engulfed the world and with it, the deadly virus swiftly spreads throughout the globe killing untold millions, only for them to instantly rise and attack…feed on the living. Thus, creating an exponentially growing army of the undead.

Now, Warren, along with a handful of survivors, Dex, Arnie, close friends from school, Sam, an inner-city girl and a gruff, Vietnam vet, turned rock DJ fight to survive the deadly streets of Rochester, New York. Avoiding the growing undead that hunts them, while haunting calling for someone, or something called the “Children of Light.”

All the while a group of otherworldly assassins tracks Warren and his friends with one goal in mind. Find the Children of Light.

Can Warren and his friends survive to discover who’s behind the plague? Who and what is chasing them and what, or who are the Children of Light?






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