"Live a "why not?" life man, because we're all gonna die screaming, so make sure that when you die screaming, you're totally fulfilled. You're like, "I took all the shots. I did it. I went after everything I wanted to, or at least I tried." Take the shot. The shot is always worth taking." ~ Kevin Smith

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Looking for some fun and free reading? Well, I have something for you, dear reader. Sign up to become a Citizen of the Erbal Nation and receive a free ebook. Prelude to the Apocalypse- a Prequel to my Heaven, Hell, or Houston and Last In Line novels. Come on and join the Nation today, It's groovy, and we'll make cookies!

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Drunken Skald Press

Like many hybrid authors these days, I have my hands and heart in traditional and independently publishing worlds. Drunken Skald Press is my publishing outlet for some of my novels, like the Eternal Flame trilogy and some future short stories and novellas. So, come on in, grab a sit and a cold beverage. I have many tales to tell.

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About Thom Erb


So who is this Thom Erb fellow and what is all this about his dark, twisted and action-packed tales? Well, read on, McDuff and see what the Erbman is all about.