I am a writer and reader of many passions. I read a wide variety of genres and find it extremely difficult to stick to one thing for too long. One book may be a gore-filled zombie story, the next might be a knuckle-bitter of a military-style thriller. Then, in my to-be-read-pile, has Neil Gaiman, Jonathan Maberry, Joe R. Lansdale, RA Salvatore, Elmore Leonard, Dean Koontz and a Warren Zevon biography. My writing reflects the same exact need for changing adventure.

One of the biggest themes that I’ve noticed creeping up in my work as I continue to explore and improve my craft, is the widening the concept of what a hero is. I find it utterly fascinating and inspiring creating the most unlikely characters to cast as the reluctant heroes in my stories, From a sickly, fragile boy, to an overweight teen, to a bookworm, introvert, turned into a state trooper investigator.

Every film, book, television show we watch utilizes the strong, handsome, broad-chested man archetype. And I can dig that as much as the next guy, but, in reality, heroes come in all shapes, sizes, and sexes.  It’s a much harder decision to fight the bad guy, gal, monster/thing when you can’t run twenty feet before your lungs burn, shins explode in pain and you have no breath to be found. Thus, hopefully, bringing you, my dear, reader, even deeper into my world.

I write my tales for you and want to truly thank you for joining me on this amazing journey I’ve been on for almost ten years.

Please stick around and stay tuned, because I have a whole lot more groovy, fun stories for you coming.

In my other sides of life, I’m a musician, (drummer) and lover of music. I’ve been in and out of bands since I started playing at the age of sixteen.







I started my creative life drawing superheroes at the ripe-old-age of two. It became my dream to draw from Marvel Comics. The -X-men, or Heroes for Hire, if possible. I even applied and was accepted into the Kubert School of Cartooning and Graphic Art in New Jersey. But alas, life happens while you’re busy making other plans. And I wasn’t able to attend, as I had dreamed.  I still work on comic books and plan on publishing a graphic novel project in the future.

Then, as I mentioned above, I fell in love with music and playing the drums.  Add role-playing games and reading fantasy novels, as you can see my creative bucket was pretty full. The Arts are a tough mistress and I’ve spent my life trying to juggle my passions among all those wonderful pursuits. You can read a detailed account of how I began my writing journey here.

When I’m not writing, outlining a writing project, or just daydreaming my next writing project, I enjoy reading, watching inspiring TV shows and movies. Working on a podcast show and hanging out with my Muse, lovely wife Shelly, and a trio of demonically-possessed cats, Girlie, Maggie, and Hooie.

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Official Bio:

Refusing to pigeonhole his writing, hybrid author, Thom Erb–Author of Heaven-Hell-Houston, Tones of Home, Dark Gardens, loves to explore varying concept and definition of heroism. He crafts griping, face-paced tales that ignore genres; only seeking to tell the story that needs to be told.

Thom is also an illustrator of murals, graphic novels, book covers and beyond. When not writing, Thom digs reading, music, Dungeons and Dragons, playing drums, quality TV. Shows and films. And rooting for the Dallas Cowboys, NY Yankees, and the Texas Rangers. He lives in western New York with his amazing wife, Michelle and their trio of hellcats; Girlie, Houey, and Maggie.

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