Prelude to the Apocalypse



The year is 1985 and a dark force has been calculating and plotting their revenge and it has finally come to pass. The Sanctity Virus has been released- Spreading swiftly over the world. Killing hundreds in hours and raising thousands in its vile wake. The world is thrown into chaos as the dead rise with red eyes and calling for the Children of the Light. A war is waging between an ancient demonic cult and a group of celestial defenders, calling themselves the Keepers of the Eternal Flame. Abyssal servants and hungry undead seek to destroy the world of Man. Every apocalypse has a beginning…Every epic tale has its heroes and villians. Who will rise? Who will perish?

Every apocalyptic ending has a clandestine beginning.

In Prelude to the Apocalypse, the dark secrets of the Eternal Flame universe are revealed and horrific, hell-spawned seeds are sown.

The prequel to Heaven, Hell, or Houston, Whiskey Bent and Hell Bound( coming out late 2017) The Last Line(coming out late August 2017.)